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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.12

From: Thomas E. Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.12
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 14:45:18 -0400 (EDT)

2000-10-25 (2.8.4dev.12)
* add a configure check for video library on OS/2 EMX, needed to link with
  slang.  Arrow keys do not work -TD
* use macro UCH to fix gcc's char-used-as-subscript warnings, and to replace
  existing casts to unsigned char, making the code more readable -TD
* merge variants of HTReadProgress() -TD
* modify SHOW_KB_RATE in lynx.cfg to allow disabling logic that
  shows transfer rate during download.  If EXP_READPROGRESS is defined, make
  this alterable from the command line and options menu as well (from
  discussion by Karen Lewellen <address@hidden>) -TD
* add the pathname that caused a problem to the error message in
  CF_PATH_SYNTAX, lest someone be confused when tilde is not expanded
  (addresses a problem reported by Lawrence Kwan <address@hidden>) -TD
* remove redundant leading newlines in "lynx -version" output (reported by Sven
  Guckes) -TD
* add dependency in src/ for building chrtrans/makeuctb$x, used by
  UCdomap.o -IZ
* fix CF_PATH_SYNTAX square brackets for OS/2 EMX case, lost by not disabling
  m4's quotes for that line (report by IZ) -TD
* remove older/unused variant of code to set screen size in LYCurses.c by
  setting environment variables -PG
* one of the ".po" files is zipped as type binary rather than ASCII, so it does
  not unzip on OS/390 with the "-a" option.  The "-aa" works better since it
  forces text conversion regardless of the type of the archived file -PG
* change definitions of LYCharINTERRUPT1 and LYCharINTERRUPT2 to accommodate
> the remainder (most of the functional changes in this patch) from IZ:
* add "typeless" notion to color style logic:
  a) reverts to the style "foo" (from "foo.classname") if the style
     "foo.classname" was not configured;
  b) For input elements of type=typename uses style
     "input.type.typename" if this style is configured (but
     "input.classname" is not!);
  c) Same for typeless elements, with typename="".
  This allows the following:
    # match "link":
    # type-less input is the same as type=text (similar to textarea)
  If your "link" is configured as normal:green, then input elements of types
  other than typeless, text, or submit will be shown in the same style as link. 
  The textareas and text input elements are shown in the same style (but
  different from "link" style), and submit "buttons" are shown yet in another
* implement styles in "dynamic areas" of documents.  Three flavors of them are
  active text-edit fields, non-active ones, and links/radiobuttons, etc.
  This patch is concerned with the first flavor only.  Two subflavors are
  document's text-edit areas, and Lynx's ones (such as where you input the URL
  after `g').  Each one of them has 3 elements:  scroll symbols ("arrows"),
  after-the-end padding, and the actual input string. 
  The patch
    a) makes styles for these 2*3 elements customizable;
    b) uses ACS chars (if available) for the arrows (instead of `{'/`}').
  [It would be nice to make non-active text-areas to have customizable
   styles for padding, and have scroll arrows too...]
  Here is my customization for testing:
* modify LYSystem() to allow changing size of lynx window with OS/2 EMX
  at runtime.  Example:
    !mode 110,30;exit
* use new macros LYCharINTERRUPT1, LYCharINTERRUPT2 and LYCharIsINTERRUPT() to
  make it simpler to find uses of ^C and ^G
* modify key mappings so the keymap file overrides the terminfo/termcap
  description rather than the reverse
* make unrecognized keynames emit diagnostic when tracing (but ignores them the
  same way the older code did).  Trace info about each keycode received
* provide better tracing of style choices, both when styles are assigned into
  text-lines, and when lss directives are converted to "numeric colors"
* add similar tracing for links and contents of user-editable stuff
* slightly expand the cache of colors to better accomodate 16-color terminals,
  and fixes a misprint in handling background-color == maxcolor
* modify logic in color styles initialization using flag default_color_reset to
  override ncurses use_default_colors() logic if the "default" color style tag
  is found in lynx.lss

T.E.Dickey <address@hidden>

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