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lynx-dev (again) WHY isn't it possible to bail out at "cookie?" questio

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: lynx-dev (again) WHY isn't it possible to bail out at "cookie?" question?
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:53:48 -0500

The message below from David Combs
<address@hidden> was forwarded by
the list moderator.

Very often I see a maybe-interesting link and, just
for the hell of it, I click on it.
It (lynx) asks if I will accept a cookie; I hit "v";
it asks AGAIN (I guess I'm in a chain of links),
and for this 2nd one, I say v, etc, and finally
I just want out.
Isn't there SOME way that lynx can send SOMETHING
that says "enough! done! stop! close connection!"?
(It's "of course", I think, and recall) that "z" can't
do that, or cannot given the current meaning lynx gives
to it.
But (again) there must be SOMETHING, eg "computer has
crashed" that we can send, no?
This asking for cookies (on SOME sites) is really a pain,
especially when the net is SLOW.
(and, unfortunately, you don't know until you try
the link that this site will be gives problems.)
I mean, seems like the only way out is ^C.
Which means you lose the history list, and the V-page
So, it would be nice IF one could have an "escape char" we
could type in that would get lynx to write out
the html for both of those pages -- then we
could ^c the job, and restart a lynx, and read-in
those two just-saved files.
Eg, lynx could ask for a "left-part" of a file name,
eg "24oct00-3pm", and lynx would write out two
files of that name, with ".v-page" and "hist-page"
as "extensions".
Sorry to bring up this matter once more, but this
difficulty is a real pain.

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