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lynx-dev Text-only Radio Frequency Computers

From: Paul C. Weiss
Subject: lynx-dev Text-only Radio Frequency Computers
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 08:26:16 -0400

Midgard, Inc.

Our firm develops custom software to run on radio-frequency devices,
typically for factory or warehousing floor-level applications. These devices
generally have character-based displays and each manufacturer has a
proprietary API. Fortunately they all have telnet clients allowing us to
avoid platform-specific code by writing C-based console apps. All our
business logic is available via server-side scripts that make ADO calls to
SQL Server stored procs.

This opens the possibility of using Lynx to handle the data collection
portion of the app, with server-side scripts executing the business logic.
We would need a few relatively minor (I'm hoping) modifications to Lynx. 

I'm looking for guidance and hopefully someone to outsource this work to. 

Paul Weiss

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