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Re: lynx-dev Anyone able to access these days

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Anyone able to access these days
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 06:02:21 -0400

000812 Kim DeVaughn wrote:
> has been slowly getting less and less lynx-friendly
> over the past ~6-8 months.  Now, I cannot even get to their initial page.
> I just get the following:
>   Looking up
>   Making HTTP connection to
>   Sending HTTP request.
>   HTTP request sent; waiting for response.
>   HTTP/1.1 302 Redirected
>   Data transfer complete
>   lynx: Start file could not be found or is not text/html or text/plain
>   Exiting...
> This is with an SSL 2.8.3dev.17

using 2-8-3dev.14 w/o SSL & entering  g , then ,
i get the following series of messages (in reverse order):

  1. Data transfer complete
  2. HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  3. HTTP request sent; waiting for response.
  4. Sending HTTP request.
  5. Making HTTP connection to
  6. Looking up
  7. HTTP/1.1 302 Redirected
  8. HTTP request sent; waiting for response.
  9. Sending HTTP request.
  10. Making HTTP connection to
  11. Looking up

however, somewhere in there i also get the (unlisted) message:

  Accept invalid cookie
   for '' ;

if i answer `y' (usually, i reject all cookies w/o thinking), i get: cookie: Browse=Succes
   Allow? (Y/N/Always/neVer) ;
if i answer `v', i get what appears to be the Hotmail start page: ;

the same happens if i answer `n' initially. 
> I suspect javascript is at the root of this problem.

there are  3 lines  of JS AD FIN in the source.

BTW there does appear to be a bug in Lynx here:
it's not recording the cookie messages in the  lynxmessages:  list.

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