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lynx-dev Google Search Engine

From: Mark Sutton
Subject: lynx-dev Google Search Engine
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:54:11 -0700 (PDT)

        I've been using Google as my mane search engine for some time now.
Lately they have been messing with their page layout. The last change has
included making the advanced search page script based. This page is required
now to get at some options previously available elsewhere. For some reason
Lynx renders this page as an almost complete blank. It seems lines like:
<!------Advanced Search--------> or
<!------Page-Specific Search-------->
cause Lynx ignore everything after. Removing these makes the otherwise
normal (if poorly formed from a Lynx perspective) html works fine. 
Also if one edits the page like the following and puts it in, say your home
directory, Google's Advanced search is again quite advanced.
Can anyone explain this?

Mark :)

<html><head><title>Google Advanced Search</title>

<b>Google Advanced Search</b><br>
   <form method=GET action="/search" name=f>
        <input type=text value="" name=as_q size=39>
        <input type=submit name=btnG value="Google Search"><br>
Contain <select name=as_qt>
            <option value=w>word(s) 
            <option value=p>phrase 
Exclude <select name=as_eqt>
            <option value=w>word(s) 
            <option value=p>phrase 
        <input type=text value="" name=as_eq size=39><br>
        <select name=as_dt>
            <option value=i>Include only
            <option value=e>Exclude
        </select> site/domain
        <input type=text value="" name=sitesearch size=30><br>
        <select name=num>
            <option selected value=30>30 Results
            <option value=20>20 Results
            <option value=10>30 Results
            <option value=50>50 Results
            <option value=100>100 Results
        <select name=lr>
            <option selected value="lang_en">English
            <option value="lang_zh-CN">Chinese - Simplified (Beta)
            <option value="lang_zh-TW">Chinese - Traditional (Beta)
            <option value="lang_da">Danish
            <option value="lang_nl">Dutch 
            <option value="">Any Langauge
            <option value="lang_fr">French 
            <option value="lang_fi">Finnish
            <option value="lang_de">German 
            <option value="lang_it">Italian 
            <option value="lang_ja">Japanese (Beta)
            <option value="lang_ko">Korean (Beta) 
            <option value="lang_no">Norwegian
            <option value="lang_pt">Portuguese
            <option value="lang_es">Spanish
            <option value="lang_sv">Swedish 

<b>Page-Specific Search</b><br>
Linked to page
   <form method=GET action="/search" name=g>
        <input type=text value="" name=as_lq size=30>
            <INPUT type=submit name=btnG value=Go>
Similar to
   <form method=GET action="/search" name=h>
        <input type=text value="" name=as_rq size=30>
            <INPUT type=submit name=btnG value=Go>

<b>Topic-Specific Search</b><br>
<a href="mac.html">Apple&nbsp;Macintosh</a><br>
<a href="/linux">Linux</a><br>
<a href="universities.html">University&nbsp;Searches</a>
...Stanford, Brown, BYU, &amp; others<br>
<a href="/bsd">BSD</a><br>
<a href="/unclesam">U.S.&nbsp;Government</a><br>


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