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lynx-dev JS onclick (was still learning)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev JS onclick (was still learning)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 19:32:37 -0400

000728 Martin McCormick wrote:
> A number of our web sites at Oklahoma State U have recently been upgraded
> and have become just awful as far as accessibility goes.
> A few have not one single link that works under Lynx:
> every one was generated with Microsoft Frontpage of various versions.
> many sites use javascript "onclick" to select links,
> which Lynx can neither understand nor generate responses to.

you can usually get round the problem by extracting the URL from the HTML:
it helps if you are running Screen, which allows simple cut'n'paste;
you enter `g' , then the extracted URL (be careful to get it exactly right):
you may need to cut'n'paste more than once to copy the whole thing.

it's a pity no-one has found the time to program Lynx to look for such URLs
within JS sections of HTML & offer them as ordinary links:
it would remove a major source of JS irritation for Lynx users.

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