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Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript

From: A. R. Vener
Subject: Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:15:55 -0400 (EDT)

I just saw this on the blinux-list newsgroup:

address@hidden writes:
> Subject: Device Independent User Interfaces with UIML
> Hi.
> I just wanted to inform you about my recent discovery on the Web.
> UIML ( is a XML based User Interface
> Definition language which is complete device independent.
> The UIML file defines the interface parts and the events which exist.
> Events can be rule-based and trigger function calls.
> Mapping of Interface parts to representation methods is done
> via a stylesheet mechanism.
> This is IMHO THE SOLUTION to the interface problem many
> developers face and especially we face.
> Every application developer currently needs to maintain
> every interface to his application separately. This
> makes work complicated, especially when updating application functionality,
> every interface has to be updated too. This is IMHO a reason
> why many applications only have one interface (mostly a GUI).
> There is currently a Java renderer reference implementation for UIML
> on the website. I couldnt find any other (Open Source)
> implementation till now. (Any hints appreciated).
> I am now collecting information, and will put up a web-site with
> everything I found out till yet soon.
> I think this could be a really well basis for the Ocularis
> Project.
> If anyone is interested in helping to implement a Accessibility
> Renderer for UIML, please join the discussion forum on 
> or at least write me a mail with our opinions.
> I think about a renderer for different toolkits.
> Starting with a line-mode toolkit, we could link
> toolkits like newt or cdk for ncurses interfaces and so on.
> This would, if finished, be an UIML renderer, where the
> user could choose the specific rendering method (Line-mode, Text-mode UI,
> Speech, Braille, GTK/Qt and so on).
> (A KDE renderer project is already going on 
> If interested, have a look at the latest specification (Jan-2000)
> on (, which is a
> pdf file.
> It explains much, and gives short examples in between.
> Using libxml2 from the GNOME project, it should be possible
> to implement a UIML renderer with a relatively well-functioning XML
> basis, but this discussion should take place when all interested
> people got together.
> I know, many intusiastic BLINUX part-projects started, and vanished again 
> soon.
> But I hope, this one will at least atract some helping hands, because
> IMHO it would be the solution to all our accessibility-problems to
> have such technlogoy.
> CYa,
>      Mario
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