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Re: lynx-dev Using other HTML parsers in Lynx

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Using other HTML parsers in Lynx
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:04:34 -0700

In "lynx-dev Using other HTML parsers in Lynx"
[25/Jul/2000 Tue 19:30:40]
Mooneer Salem wrote:

I don't know much about programming, but some of this is of interest
to me.

> For fun, I decided to write a library that parses HTML. :)
> After writing the library I decided to write a demo application using it
> (which prints an English representation of the HTML passed into it and
> which also acts as a benchmark app.) According to the demonstration
> program, it parsed the PostgreSQL-HOWTO (300kb in HTML format) in
> 0.16 seconds, which is pretty impressive for a Celeron 500 with 192MB RAM
> which also acts as a pretty busy DNS, Web and database server.
> Here's the question: how hard would it be to implement this parser into
> Lynx?

Depends how integrated you want it to be.  Could be as easy as
defining a new DOWNLOADER [your app] in lynx.cfg

What really interests me is; who feels like teaching it to parse
JavaScript as well [if you're releasing the source and leaving
it open to changes]?

People seem to think adding support for JavaScript isn't practical,
and maybe impossibe, in Lynx because of its a one-pass HTML parsing.
A separate application that *could* make sense of JavaScript,
then pass the results to Lynx, popped into my head some time ago
but I don't know how to do it.

Here's an old message about it:

The follow-ups are probably more interesting than my input.

> The parser can be found at
> and you can see the uncompressed archive at
> demo/test.c is the benchmark application I ran, while demo/prettyHTML is
> another
> demo app I wrote for the library (it makes HTML more clear and readable by
> adding tabs)
> --
> Mooneer Salem
> Sysadmin, Ultraspeed UK (
> GPLTrans (
> Personal Home Page (


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