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Re: lynx-dev address@hidden: scripts, anyone?]

From: A. R. Vener
Subject: Re: lynx-dev address@hidden: scripts, anyone?]
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:13:59 -0400 (EDT)

A lot of what javascript does is provide streaming text. It would be
very nice indeed if lynx could redirect this to a named pipe.

Suppose the tool followed this process:

1) check to see if user is using screens if not do nothing
2) otherwise redirect streaming text to a named pipe using a 
  well known name (e.g. jstream1, jstream2, etc.
3) users could then switch screens and run a process to display the
   data from the named pipe to the terminal and apply whatever 
   formatting their hearts desire outside of the lynx environment.

This would be very useful for applications such as real time 
streaming stock quotes.

> I've taken an action item from the Evaluation, Repair, and
> Transformation Tools Working Group of WAI to find out what (if anything)
> can be done in the way of a tool that would help Lynx users access
> Websites using JavaScript (now called EcmaScript?). 
> One tool we've discussed would parse the script and find whatever,
> another would just look for things that did bad stuff like popping up
> windows from left field, etc. - and mouseover, etc.
> Any ideas?
> -- 

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