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Re: lynx-dev curses working but new problem with highlighted links

From: A. R. Vener
Subject: Re: lynx-dev curses working but new problem with highlighted links
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 22:08:17 -0400 (EDT)

I've tried a few experiments.
In lynx.cfg I uncommented and modified the following line:
  Result: no change, still got reverse vidoe on all links.
2) So I tried
  Result: same
3) Next I tried 
  Result: no change...hmmmm, I'm still getting reverse video
  that is, white background with black text no matter what I set
  the foreground or background to.

Just to be sure that I was modifying the right lynx.cfg file I
set VI_KEYS_+ALWAYS_ON to false.
  Result: vi key cursor control stopped.

Next I went to the ncurses installation node and tried the 
ncurses command to examine character attributes.  Bold was bold,
reverse was reverse.  

I remain mystified.

One question that comes to mind: Why doesn't changing the lynx.cfg
color settings modify the appearance of the screen?

In all cases I was running without a .lynxrc file so lynx was
not picking up any local options.


> This is probably a problem with the terminfo file that you are using
> not properly representing your terminal. Does it indicate that you
> have color capability? See your environment TERM setting, then look
> at the corresponding terminfo file with the infocmp program (which I
> believe comes with ncurses). You may also be able to affect this by
> changing the color setting on the lynx option page (stored in .lynxrc)
> to ON or OFF. You may also try changing the colors specified for the
> links. The values are noted in lynx.cfg:
> # COLOR:Integer:Foreground:Background
> .nf
> #
> # The Integer value is interpreted as follows:
> #   0 - normal                      - normal text
> #   1 - bold                        - hyperlinks, see also BOLD_* options 
> above
> #   2 - reverse                     - statusline
> #   3 - bold + reverse              (not used)
> #   4 - underline                   - text emphasis (EM, I, B tags etc.)
> #   5 - bold + underline            - hyperlinks within text emphasis
> #   6 - reverse + underline         - currently selected hyperlink
> #   7 - reverse + underline + bold  - WHEREIS search hits
> #
> # Each Foreground and Background value must be one of:
> #   black         red            green         brown
> #   blue          magenta        cyan          lightgray
> #   gray          brightred      brightgreen   yellow
> #   brightblue    brightmagenta  brightcyan    white
> #
> If I understand you correctly, color 1 and color 6 appear the same to
> you. One should be bold and the other reverse + underline when color
> is OFF. With color ON, color 1 defaults to blue on white, while color
> 6 defaults to red on white. I have changed my personal preference
> for color 6 to white on black. These look fine for me, but I don't
> know how they work with a screen reader. Probably the best fix is to
> make sure that your terminfo file is correct for your terminal. Other
> changes may work around the problem. If you still have problems, I
> suspect that Tom could help if you were to give details about your
> terminal, TERM value, and terminfo capabilities.
>                              Doug
> __ 
> Doug Kaufman
> Internet: address@hidden
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