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lynx-dev Fwd: Re: contacting Lynx developers

From: Lloyd Rasmussen
Subject: lynx-dev Fwd: Re: contacting Lynx developers
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 18:44:27 -0400

With Lynx 2.8.3 dev something I verified Neil's problem, both in
searching for job titles and in getting a listing from a category
within a category (engineers, electrical).  Oracle says that Lynx has
filled in "dummy" for unfilled fields of the query, whereas IE 5.5 says
"all" for those fields.  Sorry I didn't look a little longer at the
URLs; they are very long.

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>Subject: Re: contacting Lynx developers

Hi Lloyd,

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Lloyd G. Rasmussen wrote:

> I am on the Lynx-dev mailing list from my home address.  It looks as if you
> are sending to the right address.  What sorrt of problem are you having?

There is a particular website, <> which, when
initiate a search with Lynx, always returns an Oracle error.  No other
browser appears to exhibit this behaviour.  My theory is that Lynx is
messing up the query string somehow, but this isn't a problem I'd try
hack away at without some direction...

> Have you looked in recent archives of the Lynx-Dev archives at  

I hadn't, but looked aroudn this morning; does a post to
automatically go to the list?  Searching June and July's archives for
name and address didn't produce anything (I sent a copy of my report in
both months).  

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, Maryland
home:  <address@hidden> <>
Work:  <address@hidden>         <>

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