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lynx-dev IPv6 support

From: Wesley Morgan
Subject: lynx-dev IPv6 support
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:53:34 -0400 (EDT)

I have hacked up the KAME patch for IPv6 support in lynx to apply cleanly
with 2.8.4d5, and set the code up to be activated by defining INET6. After
the patch is applied, one only needs to add -DINET6 to CPPFLAGS in the
makefile. The only thing that needs to be completed is patching the
configure script to look for getaddrinfo() in either the standard C
library or, failing that, libinet6 (the presence of getaddrinfo would
imply the existance of getnameinfo() et al).

There is one place where the sheer number of ifdef's makes my eyes water,
but I _think_ it merged properly. The implementation is very clean
IMO... Actually a bit simpler in a couple places. A few seemingly
inefficient casts may jump out at someone not familiar with the sockaddr,
sockaddr_storage, sockaddr_in structures and their cross-platform
differences, but it should be very portable.

I've submitted this back to the KAME project of course, and they are
interested in having it put into the official tree. Feel free to direct
any other comments/concerns/questions/bugs/etc to me (I am also subscribed
to the list).


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