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Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] remove extension to EXTERNAL command, extend CERN r

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] remove extension to EXTERNAL command, extend CERN rules support for mailto: URLs
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 19:56:33 +0900 (JST)

> > On some excellent day in the year 2000, John Smith wrote:
>   Why you've chosen this prolog? Is it some idiom or joke?
Per your request:

> > ...  When Eduardo submitted his patch, it was turned down.

True apologies to Eduardo; it was not a "patch," and it was not "turned
down."  Got confused with the piece of code included in the following post.

Reference was made to this a month later in the thread "Setting mailer in
Lynx."  Some people may wish to review one solution to the problem:

> > I thought this thread had already been talked out.  It really boggles my
> > mind that a patch pretty much going against the conclusion of the previous
> > discussion was suddenly presented before lynx-dev again.
>   What patch you are talking about?

What you referred to as the "original patch that extened EXTERNAL."

> Seems there was no such situation

What was the "MAILTO internal page proposal - form with textarea" thread
of Feb. 1999, all about?  Here's an interesting quote ("||" prefix added,
from: )

|| > It would be nice though, if the normal RightArrow/whatever activation
|| > command would do the mailer invocation automatically, and I wouldn't
|| > have to manually look for "mailto:"; in the statusline, or remember to
|| > use the "." command.
|| The CERN Rules translation could be used for something like this, if
|| mailto: were not handled earlier so that it never reaches that stage.

>   Nobody is going to remove internal mailto: handler

I should hope not!

> - there would be just a
> lynx.cfg setting something like EXTERNAL_MAIL:TRUE/FALSE, if TRUE it will call
> external wrapper that will be supplied with a lot of mailto: -specific things
> like subject, cc:, To:, and filename of the file with body quoted, if any.

Oh, whoopee.

>   So, security won't suffer.

As long as you don't start mucking around with lynxprog/lynxexec.

> won't be supplied with all info internal mailto: handler has), and EXTERNAL
> handler won't have all info necessary too (subject+cc+To:+body) - so some sort
> of support for external handlers of mailto: should be implemented.

Knock, knock.  I think that's what I'm saying.
>  As for original patch that extened EXTERNAL - I don't like it too now, but I
> don't insist on removing it from source tree (is it development version or
> not?).

Well, there's "development," and there's "development."  Here in Japan
"land development" means first grading a mountain level to build a go-cart
track in the middle of a residential area, then asking for the permit.


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