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lynx-dev Server-Side JavaScript for UNIX Lynx?

From: pAb-032871
Subject: lynx-dev Server-Side JavaScript for UNIX Lynx?
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 05:23:23 -0700

I'm not too clear on how it works, but there is a lesser-known
server-side JavaScript language [or dialect, if you want to be
picky about it].  Since I have to assume the engine is built for
UNIX-like HTTP servers, why not install this on the system and
write a small, separate application which implements it.  The
program could in turn act as a filter [downloader, HTTP proxy
or something like that], parsing scripts in web pages and passing
a kind of "pre-chewed" HTML to Lynx?

This could be a little like the system-wide gettext issue earlier:
instead of each application wasting space using a separate and
disparate version of the gettext package internally, you could
have them all running off of one installed in the system.  ie:
DON'T redesign Lynx from the ground up, but instead create an
assistant for it.

Maybe that's the wrong comparison.  More like the HTML-izing script
which creates a document based on lynx.cfg?

The only serious risk I can think of is that CLIENT-side JavaScript
is intentionally crippled, preventing rude web authors from doing
nasty things to your browser, files, or system merely by letting
you go to their web pages.  Server-side JavaScript could have
a bit more leeway, so I leave the hazards of using it with a client
to your imagination.

Actually, I'm leaving a lot to your imagination here: sorry, this
idea is only the vaguest kind of guess, but it seemed worth mentioning.
I'll go looking for more info, posting URLs here if I find anything
that seems at all useful.  And to whoever's reading this; I invite
you to do the same.


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