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Re: lynx-dev two Forms queries

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev two Forms queries
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:14:10 -0400

000629 Klaus Weide wrote:
PW> (2) on entering  \  to get both source/rendered,
PW> i am asked `Resubmit POST content to Application Framework? Y/N'
PW> why would Lynx do this?  answering `y' seems to have no bad effect.
PW> i have SOURCE_CACHE enabled & Lynx got the source instantly:
KW> So you do not get a `Resubmit POST content to ...' question?
KW> Or do you mean something else with "got the source instantly"?

yes, i meant there was not noticeable delay due to I/net traffic.
PW>  lynx.cfg  says  DEFAULT_CACHE_SIZE:40                [1] 
PW>                  DEFAULT_VIRTUAL_MEMORY_SIZE:1024000  [2]
PW>                  SOURCE_CACHE:MEMORY
KW> [2] Only relevant for VMS.

that's useful to know ...
PW> a tiny bug previously undiscovered (smile)?
KW> If I understand you right, there is no prompt with  SOURCE_CACHE:MEMORY

no, there was a prompt with  SOURCE_CACHE:MEMORY , which i always use.

> Perhaps you could make a small test document
> that demonstrates what you mean.

when i place a copy of the document in  ~/public_html/
& access it via , there is no prompt;
the prompt occurred when logged into a password-protected site,
so i can't give a publicly accessible example.
anyway, it's too small a point to be worth pursuing further.

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