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lynx-dev incorrect copyright description of lynx package for SuSE 6.4 (l

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: lynx-dev incorrect copyright description of lynx package for SuSE 6.4 (linux distribution)
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 02:18:30 +0500 (SAMST)

 Here is a description of lynx.rpm package for SuSE 6.4 (the linux
distribution) (included in evaluation version of SuSE 6.4) - it contains
incorrect description of lynx's license that could distract users from using

quote begins---------------
Lynx is an easy to use browser for HTML documents and other internet
services like FTP, telnet, news.  Lynx is fast.  It is purely text based
and therefore makes it possible to use WWW resources on text terminals.
We must mention that this program does not fall under the GPL license
and that the Copyright-owner maintains the right to require the program to
become licensed if used for commercial use.
quote ends-----------------

 In fact, Lynx is GPLed - you can see check this by looking at /COPYING of
lynx source tree. So, the description of lynx.rpm should be corrected.

 To SuSE packagers: you could contact lynx developers' mailing list for more
information, but you should subscribe to it if you wish your emails to appear
immediately on it (otherwise it will be subject to review that could cause
delay). Send a mail with 'subscribe lynx-dev' in body to address@hidden to 

 Best regards,

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