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Re: lynx-dev hidden links

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev hidden links
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 11:58:30 +0900 (JST)

> that one site is not enough, one site is one example. I gave an example of

It's not one or a hundred examples; it's that 1) having "hidden" links
on a web page is of no value to anyone, and 2) about the only reason for
having links "hidden" is for just that reason: they're intended to be

> that this is not important, the bottom line is that lynx is losing part of
> its usefulness not reporting that there are hidden links, some of them
> we may assume were intended to be seen. Don't punish lynx users by poorly
> written html, lynx is in a position that no many browsers are and can give

?  One of the best things about lynx is that it doesn't go about trying to
_create_ standards, like some of the other-brand browsers that are around.
Lynx users are not punished by "poorly written html."  It is the site itself
which is rightly punished.  If lynx goes about merrily tuning in on these
sites, they go by unpunished and bad html is propagated.

>   Just to mention an example of this kind of behavior, take a look at
> pine4.21, it has a feature today that warns you about headers in a message
> that are related to list management (how to request help, subscribe,

I don't see how this is an example of what you are asking lynx to do.

>   What I am suggesting is that lynx gives somehow an information which
> turns out to be useful, any reason why not?

Lynx _does_ give as much information that it can, just not in an immediately
obvious place (and IMO rightly so).


Since I'm posting anyway:
PS  Sorry, Klaus, for the totally stupid comment the other day about utf-8.
    Not even worth wasting another post to correct myself and apologize.
PPS Got nowhere today on a total of three pages due to Javas-crap.  You'll
    all be happy to know I didn't fire up MSIE; simply _de_bookmarked 'em.

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