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Re: lynx-dev hidden links

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev hidden links
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:16:05 -0700 (PDT)

*** Klaus Weide (address@hidden) wrote in the Lynx list today:

:) Just one Web site that does weird things isn't enough to establish
:) a need.  quoting from Alan Flavell's original message,
:) | While we would probably all agree that a web site would be unwise to
:) | do this, nevertheless it does happen.
:) Note the first part - he agrees that sites shouldn't do that.

If there is something that I do not understand is why do you have to think
that one site is not enough, one site is one example. I gave an example of, which I assume many people may visit that does that, the
reason why it has not been an issue is because people don't realize that
the hidden links do exist, and there is one case at least (images with no
alt text) that these links are very visible, I do not see why you insist
that this is not important, the bottom line is that lynx is losing part of
its usefulness not reporting that there are hidden links, some of them
we may assume were intended to be seen. Don't punish lynx users by poorly
written html, lynx is in a position that no many browsers are and can give
them the control.

  Just to mention an example of this kind of behavior, take a look at
pine4.21, it has a feature today that warns you about headers in a message
that are related to list management (how to request help, subscribe,
unsubscribe, archives, etc). If pine did not warn you, you would never
look for this information in the headers (OK, maybe you would, but this
is not what the average person would do).

  What I am suggesting is that lynx gives somehow an information which
turns out to be useful, any reason why not?


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