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Re: lynx-dev Fun with character attributes in xterm (was: UTF-8 display

From: Sergei Pokrovsky
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Fun with character attributes in xterm (was: UTF-8 display questions)
Date: 14 Jun 2000 13:41:41 +0700
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>>>>> Klaus Weide writes:

  Klaus> On 13 Jun 2000, Sergei Pokrovsky wrote:
  >> But this gives me an idea: by inverting the convention and
  >> defining

  Klaus> Congratulations!

  >> COLOR:0:gray:white
  >> COLOR:4:black:white

  >> I obtain the bold face for the main text, and the meager face for
  >> the emphasized (and my math happens to be emphasized).  That
  >> gives a better way to distinguish among emphasis (by the
  >> heaviness, and that in a non-unusual way, as italics often are
  >> lighter than the plain face), and the anchors (which are
  >> distinguished with the color).

  Klaus> I take it that this is without the '-blink'?


  Klaus> Now, if I change the "white" in your COLORs 0 and 4 to
  Klaus> "lightgray", I get your effect whether I use '-blink' or
  Klaus> not...

  Klaus> (-blink affects only COLORs where the specified background is
  Klaus> from the second half of the list.)


  Klaus> Of course, your trick is only useful as long as the "math
  Klaus> happens to be emphasized".  It dosn't work well for <http://
  Klaus>>, for example.

Yes.  I've tried to change the stylesheet in the beginning of that page

<style type="text/css"> td { font-style: italic } </style>

but lynx seems to be unaware of stylesheets (and mine would not be a
right correction anyway).

  Klaus> So it would still be useful to figure out how to make xterm
  Klaus> use character from the non-bold font for 'bold'ing.

Yes.  And I'd rather prefer it to simply borrow the character, without
any transformation.  (At least, there should be such an option.)  Many
characters may be missing just because there are not enough pixels.
Just imagine what your cherished (TM) should become after emboldening
in a fixed pitch font ...


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