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Re: lynx-dev UTF-8 display questions (was: Superscripts)

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev UTF-8 display questions (was: Superscripts)
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 23:16:29 -0500 (CDT)

On 11 Jun 2000, Sergei Pokrovsky wrote:

> >>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Weide <address@hidden> writes:
> (answering to my complaint about too early word wrap for UTF-8
> Cyrillic:)
>   Klaus>    ./configure --with-screen=slang [...]  make
>   Klaus> It works well for me in most $TERMinal types (but not all -
>   Klaus> although those aren't UTF-8 capable anyway).
> I've reinstalled slang and got normal lines for the multibyte

Which version are you using now?  Is it a different version than

I'm not sure why you reinstalled slang - iirc, we didn't discuss
anything where slang was suspected to be the problem.

> characters.  BUT at an unacceptable price: when the cursor passes
> through an anchor containing multibyte character(s), the line is
> spoiled (it is shifted to the left, so that some text before the
> multibyte anchor is lost, while the last characters of the line are
> duplicated, as the former tail remains on the screen).

Can you give a minimal example where this is happening?
For example, does it happen with the following:
before1<A HREF="file:///dev/null">abc</A>after1<BR>
before2<A HREF="file:///dev/null">&#x430&#x431&#x432;</A>after2
If not, what must happen to create the effect?  E.g. more than one
link per line, long lines...

Lynx with SLANG_MBCS_HACK works for me in most "normal" terminals
(xterm, linux console), without the problem you describe.  With
some terminal descriptions there are screen corruption problems,
however; for example, with TERM=xterm-r6, which differs from the
TERM type I normally use for xterms.

You are still talking about running lynx under emacs term emulation,
right?  I tried that too now, but using emacs 19.34 without all that
coding-system-... support you have.  I had display problems even

You sent a terminfo description in
<>, is
that still what is in use in your situation?

If yes - do you use the color support?  If yes, do the display
problems go away if you force lynx not to use colors (lynx -nocolor)?

Also, can you try to run lynx under emacs' term with a reduced
terminfo description?  (Save output from infocmp to file, edit
file, compile changed file with tic, point $TERMINFO to the location
of new file before starting lynx.)
Try taking out the following capabilities:
 (long name)         ==   (short name)
  cursor_down              cud1
  cursor_left              cub1
  cursor_right             cuf1          # maybe leave this one in
  cursor_up                cuu1
  parm_down_cursor         cud
  parm_left_cursor         cub
  parm_right_cursor        cuf
  parm_up_cursor           cuu
  row_address              vpa           # not present in your entry

That's how I got some improvement...

You might also try to add back_color_erase (bce) if that's appropriate
for the emulator.

All this just in case you still have patience left for playing...


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