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Re: lynx-dev Re: Mike suggested , I contact Lynx-dev for help

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Mike suggested , I contact Lynx-dev for help
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 12:20:22 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Bob Izenberg wrote:

> [ Message from un-subscribed address address@hidden forwarded by
> moderator ]
> Hey! what happened, any updates on this problem(described below), please
> reply.
> Thanks, preethi [ address@hidden

Please subscribe to the lynx-dev list, at least temporarily, to make
sure you get responses.  There are currently also some other discussion
about character set issues going on.  See
for info on subscribing.

> Original Message:
>   Hi,
>   I am trying to view a text-only browser page in Japanese,  Hebrew and
> many others in text-only browsers like LYNX on UNIX OS.

Lynx can be used to view Japanese, Hebrew, and "many others", but there
are limitations.  (We can talk obout those in detail later.)

If you want to view text with character from many different writing
systems *at the same time*, then you need a text-mode environment that
supports UTF-8, as well as appropriate fonts.  The only suitable
environment (for lynx) that I am aware of is the latest 'xterm', which
supports UTF-8 with the -u8 switch.  You may have to get and compile
a newer version of 'xterm'.  Tom Dickey (on the lynx-dev list) knows
best where to start (I'm not sure what's the canonical place to get
a working but not-too-experimenta version).

>   I tried to set the display character set and the language in the LYNX
> options menu, but didn't help me viewing the page in  Japanese, etc.

With the "display character set", you tell lynx only what kind of
environment it is running in.  It doesn't actually change what character
set / character encoding / font is available.

> Can anyone help me, with the settings I need to have in the LYNX 
>   options menu or any packages I need to load on Unix systems.

I guess it should be possible to get an 'xterm -u8' running on Solaris
or DEC, and have it DISPLAY remotely on an X server running under NT
(if that's what you use -not completely clear, see below), if the
X server has appropriate fonts.  I'm not sure, never have tried.

>   Answers :
>   1. What flavor of UNIX you are using? Solaris & DEC
>   2. Are you at the console? (Is your keyboard plugged into the box that
>   Lynx is running on?) 
>   -YES
>   3. Are you using a text mode in the display hardware, or are you using
>   an X Window environment with something like term or term? 
>   -YES, I am using an X Window environment with something like term
>   4. If you are not at the console, what ST or telnet software are you using,
>   and on what platform? (example: SecureCRT on Windows NT or telnet from
>   an term window on your own Linux box) 
>   -Excursion Server Software on Windows NT 

These answers are contradictory...  especially 2 and 4.
Please clarify your situation (what kind of machine are you sitting
at, how do you connect to the machine where you start lynx).
What does `lynx -version' say?

If you are using lynx at different times in different ways (say,
sometimes the Win32 version locally and sometimes the Unix version),
let's concentrate on one situation first.

>   5. And what shell are you using? Is it csh or tcsh, sh or bash, ksh or
> zsh,
>   or...? -
>   --tcsh, don't know which one I need to be on.
>   Any help will be appreciated.
>   Preethi
>   There are many possible points of failure. Rather than ask on the Unicode
>   list, you should ask on the lynx-div list. First sift through the
>   information at and
> (where I see some links to
>   info for Japanese users of Lynx).
>   If those pages are not of much help, write to address@hidden and include
>   as much information as possible, including the answers to these questions:


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