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Re: lynx-dev Concerning the use of abort in the source of lynx

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Concerning the use of abort in the source of lynx
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 23:22:08 +0500 (SAMST)

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Vlad Harchev <address@hidden> wrote:
> > But I'm 99% sure that noone of Russians (that lived in Soviet Union) that
> > have ever posted to lynx-dev from the date of it's creation were Communists 
> > -
> Well, you are wrong. I'm Russian and I lived in the Moscow region till 1995. I
> was born in 1979, so I grew up in the Soviet Union. Now I'm an international
> public service agent, promoting free software, free computing, engineering and
> science, and technocratic communism worldwide.

 I'm very surprised again. 

> How is this relevant to Lynx? Very simply: Lynx is free software, and free
> software is to do date the best and most successful implementation of
> Communism.

  I doubt that. At least not all software should be free (otherwise it will be
safe to fly on airplanes only when they are equipped with  20th+ release of
software, if it ever existed).

> > since they experienced it on their arse. Seems you haven't and you are 
> > lucky.
> The Soviet implementation of Communism definitely wasn't correct, especially
> since Khrushchev called cybernetics a prostitute of the bourgeoisie. He failed
> to see that Communism can be successfully based *only* on cybernetics and

 I would say that it's a very biased POV (toward cybernetics). 

> technocracy, and thus be betrayed Communism. To this date free software is the
> best and most successful implementation of Communism anywhere. Free software 
> is
> what I promote, develop, and maintain.
> > You can suffer communism by transferring all your salaries except $400 to 
> > some
> > charity and trying to live on remaining $400
> Well, the way I run the Harhan Engineering Laboratory isn't much different.
> Running a major engineering lab and computing center (with huge power-hungry
> VAXen and high-end dedicated ARPA Internet connection) that involves expenses
> like those of a medium-sized company (office space rent, hardware and its
> maintenance, power and cooling, ARPA Internet connection) on a totally non-
> profit basis takes a very strong-willed and dedicated Communist.

 Freedom is most important. You can abandon this "Communism" whenever you like
with your current state of matters (and I hope a lot of companies will be glad 
to hire you). You can earn billion of bucks and then establish an emulation of
communsim at any given location by speadring these money on charity for
various sorts of poor people, or you can continue to live as you do now -
that's freedom. When true communism is in effect, nobody will be able to
change his style of life (approach "earn a pile of money and enjoy the life"
won't be available) - that is not freedom. So, choosing communism (and pushing
it down everybody's throat) is egoistic IMO. Money is the universal equivalent
of almost everything. Please don't treat this as insult against free software.

> But let's end this thread now. I responded because I don't want to see insults
> against free software (I take an insult against Communism as an insult against
> free software) on a mailing list for a piece of free software.

 Yes, the absence of your reply won't offend me (of course feel free to chat
with me in private), but in general I don't mind this flame thread. 

> --
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 Best regards,

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