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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.3

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.3
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 21:18:22 -0400
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2000-06-02 (2.8.4dev.3)
* initial support for SOURCE_CACHE_FOR_ABORTED -VH 
* change default_keypad_mode_fun() to use config_enum() -TD
* modify config_enum() to check if the given name in lynx.cfg is ambiguous,
  matching more than one name -TD
* in passive ftp mode (FTP_PASSIVE:TRUE), use the IP address from the server's
  response for the data connection, rather than doing another lookup of the
  hostname -KW
* correct bug introduced in dev.2 for leading whitespace in mailcap (reported
  by Andrey Chernov) -VH, TD
* change server types in HTFTP.c to an enum -TD
* handle a "215 Windows2000" response from "SYST" command (Gisle Vanem)
* change return value of parse_arg() when processing non-option data to make
  URL in stdin (after '-') treated in the second pass, restoring behavior lost
  in cleanup (reported by Gisle Vanem) -TD
* allow blank as a separator in arg_eqs_parse() in addition to ':' and '=',
  to restore behavior lost in cleanup of argument parsing -TD
* make -stdin option a little more flexible by ifdef'ing primarily based on
  ttyname(), and adding fallback definitions for Win32 and VMS -TD
* for slang configurations past 1.3.6, call SLsmg_touch_screen() in
  start_curses to ensure that the screen is properly initialized for non-bce
  terminals (John Davis)
* move call on lynx_initialize_keymaps() for slang configuration into the
  start_curses() function, avoiding premature reference to $TERM, especially
  when Lynx is running in dump mode, e.g., via cron (report by Hamish Moffatt
  <address@hidden>, analysis by KW) -TD
* correct logic for ^ and $ commands (FIRST_LINK and LAST_LINK) when the
  current line happens to be the first or last line on the screen (reported
  by KW) -TD
* remove unused fragments of backspace logic from print_crawl_to_fd() -TD
* modify print_wwwfile_to_fd() and print_crawl_to_fd() to refrain from emitting
  an offset for empty lines -TD
* modify print_wwwfile_to_fd() to refrain from emitting backspaces when
  the is_reply parameter is true -TD
* add traces for argument parsing, as well as an environment variable
  LYNX_TRACE which has the effect of the -trace option -TD
* add configure check for ttyname, used in ifdef's for -stdin option -TD

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