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Re: lynx-dev Re: lynx should respect LANG

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: lynx should respect LANG
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 10:27:19 +0900 (JST)

> Or you were experimenting with Sun's gettext at some point, which
> behaves differently?

Possible.  I vaguely remember giving it a try, but failing.  (NLS support
for Solaris' bundled programs/utilities is pretty good.  It does cause
problems, however.  Off topic for lynx, but you might be interested that
a certain Windows' FTP program cannot make whole-directory transfers from
a Solaris [version 2.6, later versions may be fixed] server with Japanese
NLS setup system-wide.  The reason is that the WSFTP does a "dir" command
which translates to "/bin/ls -al."  In this case, "ls" has some stats it
displays using Japanese multibyte characters, which WSFTP confuses to be
a file.  Since there is no such file, WSFTP gets an error, and then aborts.)

> Yeah, but if we can help them to *get started* without first having to 

To me, "help them to *get started*" means offering a template.

> > I can set DCS to either EUC or SJIS, and Lynx will
> > [just] work, *IF* my terminal emulator is set to receive/send SJIS.
> It really shouldn't, if DCS says EUC but the terminal emulator is
> set to receive SJIS...  I'd guess that the "terminal emulator" (taking
> this to include everything 'in front of' lynx, including fonts) isn't
> set up to receive SJIS then, after all.  (Maybe it can magically detect

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will shed better light on this.  My
_guess_ is that SJIS includes some individual bytes that translate to a
control character/escape sequence in EUC, but that individual bytes in
EUC do not contain such "dangerous" characters/sequences.

> > all the barking about PC Un*x: the environment is a console that can
> > only do EUC, thus the absolute necessity to have DCS match LANG=EUC.
> What do you mean by barking?  I don't recognize the expression.

Good.  It was inappropriate.  (Means making a lot of noise, raising a lot
of commotion about something.)

> Of course, people still log in to "PC Un*x" machines with Windows telnet
> clients...


> > library, in my case Slang, (from what Hataguti implies, I've been doing
> > it wrong)
> YM, you still have to refresh the screen, while you shouldn't have
> to if slang was really compiled with KANJI support?

Yes.  He seems to be getting very good output from Lynx, while I'm still
seeing glitches.  One difference between our systems is that he never sets
the KANJI support flag when compiling slang, whereas I always have.  I've
downloaded the latest slang, and will recompile within the next few weeks.
("Screen," however, is likely the source of many of my problems.  Perhaps
if I recompile it against Tom's UTF8-compatible ncurses things will improve.)

> Well, I'm concerned that lynx is becoming nannyware, too.
> Where were your protests when "all this automation" was added for
> temp subdirectories or setuid, undocumented and no easy way to turn

Ignorance.  (The only situation where I would pick up on it is when
installing a lynx binary system-wide, since I almost always use lynx
interactively.  I have not updated the public-access Lynx I run here
since 2.8.2rel.1, exactly a year ago.  Probably won't attempt to now
since I do not have time to monitor it manually.)

>     LANG=ja_JP.ujis lynx -dump > debian.euc.html
>     LANG=ja_JP.sjis lynx -dump > debian.sjis.html
>   - Get two copies of a page, in different character encodings.
>     LANG=ja_JP.ujis lynx -dump ~/saved-page.txt \
>          -assume_local_charset=shift_jis > translated-page.txt
>   - Convert a local file (w/ lynx instead of recode, iconv, or similar)
                                        [Probably nkf or qkc are better.]
> But so far this is all vapor anyway, since no code has magically
> appeared. :)

_VERY_ convincing.  No more barking from me.  Maybe that will be the magic
invocation. :)


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