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Re: lynx-dev (key) Hex-ASCII values. . . ?

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev (key) Hex-ASCII values. . . ?
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 17:27:50 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 28 May 2000, pAb-032871 wrote:

> Second, does anyone know the hex value of the Enter key on UNIX
> and/or PC machines?  MacLynx doesn't respond to Enter on the keypad,
> but *does* respond when you hit Return.  On a Mac, these keys
> have two different ASCII/hex values; Enter=[03], Return=[0D].
> Optional reading, from my notes:
> <> [...] Adding hex-escaped
> <> representations, and even pasting an Enter "character", with a hex
> <> value of 03 into the KEYMAP section of lynx.cfg did nothing.  Messing

That would be a Control-C character.  I somehow doubt that that's
correct.  Maybe at some lower keycode level, but not at the ASCII
level at which lynx should see the characters.

> <> with a patch to make it re-type a "return" whenever the Enter key is
> <> pressed, but that might happen too fast: MacLynx could be too busy
> <> saying "press 'k' for list of commands" etc to notice the Return that
> <> follows.

My (current) lynx doesn't say
   press 'k' for list of commands
when an unrecognized or invalid key is pressed, it says
   press space for more, use arrow keys to move, '?' for help, 'q' to quit.
But I assume you mean that (maybe the difference is a customization
for Mac).

So lynx is seeing *some* character value, or it wouldn't produce that
message.  (I'm assuming that the Mac port is not *completely*
different from the common code wrt key handling.)  Or possibly a
sequence of values.  Now you just have to find out which.  Trial and
error...   (You might also try -trace - *sometimes* unrecognized
escape sequences, at least, produce some trace output...)

> And that's pretty much what happened when I applied it -- nothing.
> Change INFOSECS: to 0?  Anyone just starting on Lynx would NOT
> benefit, even if it did work. . .
> The escape sequence was
> but that could be wrong as well.

Have you tried

> Besides the "re-typing" option above, there's another one that
> *might* be able to interrupt the keypress before MacLynx "gets"
> it, replacing [03] it with the expected [0D]. . .

If it were seeing ^C, it should exit - unless that's changed
for Mac, too.


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