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Re: lynx-dev Emacs + UTF-8 + Lynx

From: Sergei Pokrovsky
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Emacs + UTF-8 + Lynx
Date: 26 May 2000 17:53:14 +0700
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>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> writes:

  Thomas> On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 04:11:41PM +0700, Sergei Pokrovsky
  Thomas> wrote:
  >>  Solaris curses, I think.  But the problem with doubling in
  >> anchors has gone with upgrading to v.2.8.4.

  Thomas> thanks.  I don't know why it would go away, since as I
  Thomas> understand it, the UTF-8 support in Lynx does not mesh with
  Thomas> the way curses updates the screen.  I put together a crude
  Thomas> version of Unicode support for ncurses last week, which I
  Thomas> (or any interested person) may use to test an integrated
  Thomas> variation of UTF-8 support.
Well, maybe that's an effect of a different library.  For some reason
./configure didn't pay attention to my saying `export CC=cc', and used
gcc; I have a dim recollection that the previous version I had
compiled with Sun cc (and its libraries).


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