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lynx-dev lynx.cfg entry order

From: pAb-032871
Subject: lynx-dev lynx.cfg entry order
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 23:19:41 -0700

Just wondered: is it neccesary to preserve the order of configuration
items in lynx.cfg?  Does Lynx look for these settings in a particular
order as it starts up?

I'm still busy tweaking MacLynx so beginners can learn to use
it a little more easily [with *some* native intelligence required,
of course], and reorganizing the entries by type seemed helpful.

For example; moving SET_COOKIES up next to NO_FROM_HEADER,
NO_REFERRER_HEADER, and NO_FILE_REFERRER, because they all deal
with server/client header exchanges, and moving the INLINE details
near BOLD_HEADERS and BOLD_H1 [display variables].


Seems to work fine here, with no delays that I can see, but I
have no way to try it on other machine/system configurations.


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