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Re: lynx-dev Big Brother was English

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Big Brother was English
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 08:01:28 -0400

000512 David Woolley wrote:
>> AP we 000510 1622
> Are you sure you have permisson to re-publish;
> press agency material normally doesn't come with that permission.

certainly: there are two links at the end of each story:
`e-mail to a friend' & `printer-friendly version';
commercial re-use would no doubt be another matter.
>> capable of tracking every e-mail and Internet hit in the country,
                       ^^^^^ sb `any'
> The legislation doesn't authorize tracking every e-mail.

bad wording, it's true, but the bad bit (i annotated with  [!] ) is
that authorisation comes from the executive, not the judiciary.
of course, the UK is less familiar with the doctrine of separation of powers
& successive UK govts -- esp civil servants -- have been ready
to make full use of this constitutional deficiency.

> The article doesn't clearly explain one of the main concerns,
> having to prove one has lost a key (presumption of guilt)

it does mention it: another problem with having an unwritten constitution.

> this article was far from the best explanation of concerns
> that I have seen on the net.  At a guess, an AltaVista search
> for the Bill will produce some better ones.

there were two links at the end of the story for the bill & criticism.

while not strictly Lynx, this item did seem to be of general interest
& lynx-dev has been a bit slower over the past few months (smile).

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