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lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address

From: Michael Warner
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 13:44:02 -0700
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On or about 11 May, 2000, pAb-032871
<address@hidden> wrote:


> While I like the IDEA of two comma-separated addresses in the
> "Reply-To:" header, it would mean the origial author gets two
> copies of every reply.  Could make for a lot of sorting trouble
> if you leave your keyboard alone a few days. . .

I'm staying out of the "Reply-To:" controversy, but some might
find useful and be unaware of procmail's ability to /dev/null
duplicate copies, when the message-ids are identical, via a cache
of recent ids.  I use it because I'm on a couple related lists
that tend to get a lot of crossposts.  Details are in man(5)
procmailex, I believe.

Michael Warner

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