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Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 10:09:10 -0700

[May/11/2000 Thu 06:46:17]
In "Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address"
someone at "address@hidden" wrote:

> Oh, golly, gee!  So, if I set Reply-to: to myself, an alias for myself,
> a couple accounts that forward to me, and several lists that I belong
> to, I might get so many replies.  What ever should I do?

I meant if the LIST generates comma-separated reply-to's, one being the
original.  Imagine writing something from a simple reply command, and as
a subscriber you get double-replies for maybe a week before you check the
mail again [okay, what say it's a busy week and you don't have time].

Thanks for the quote of Gwyn's Maxim by the way.

> > What about two headers:
> > 
> > Reply-To: address@hidden
> > X-Old-Reply-To: <original address>

> Why all the complexity?  Why not merely respect the Reply-to: if
> supplied by the author?

Umm, there's something below from another message, but after a second
look [should have seen it on my FIRST look, sorry] it probably trashes my
suggestion too:

> > Anyway, there is a possible compromise:
> > - Create Reply-To: lynx-dev, if Reply-To isn't already present
> > - Leave Reply-To alone if it is already present
> 1) this would mean hacking the source code of majordomo (Perl) which
> may be shared with other lists; 

But it must do something with the existing reply-to's, otherwise the
originals would be ignored completely -- not replaced OR respected -- and
you'd see two of them in these messages [an off-the-wall guess, probably

I really don't know how simple or complicated any of these options may
be.  Just thought that if reply-to headers ARE going to be munged, and if
it's too tricky adding conditionals like; "if [Reply-To:] already exists,
leave it alone" and/or; "if [Reply-To:] and [From:] are different, leave
them both alone", there should at least be some evidence of the original
address.  Generating a blank "X-Old-Reply-To:" header [when there is no
original] isn't pretty, but it seemed helpful.


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