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Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 13:51:38 -0700 (PDT)

*** David Combs wrote in the Lynx list today:

:) People talk about using mail "folders", and imply that if I had any
:) brains at all, that's what I'd use (re the "lynx" prefix on subject
:) line).

Did anyone say that? Some people like me use folders to separate all
incoming mail coming from different places, so if my boss writes me an
e-mail I want it in my inbox, which has no much traffic and I can
distinguish it easily, but if I get mail from this list (or others) they
go to other places where they'll be sorted and kept for when I have some
time to read them. It's easier for my eyes and my organization, but you
are right in that you can choose to keep all your incoming mail in your
INBOX and sort itlike you want to, it's just that having more incoming
folders makes life easier.

:) Anyway, all I know about mail folders is that when I "s" (save)
:) an eamil, via mutt, the default place is a directory of the
:) name of the sender (I think).

I know less than you about mutt, but I use pine and I can set the default
save folder to be anything I want, being folder dependent.

:) But back to the subject line, with mutt I do "o s" (Option Sort by
:) Subject), and get this screen, top part of which is this:

I also use pine, sort the folder by ordered subject and get something very
similar to what you get in mutt. All my mail is sorted as it arrives in
the folder.

:) THIS is all the "folders" I need -- notice how the subject-lines
:) create a pseudo-threads grouping (earliest first WITHIN group).

Same in pine, nothing special about mutt here

:) Works fine for me.

me too :)

:) Anyway, sorting by subject line sure makes it easy for me
:) to (a) SEE what mail I have and (b) READ it via "threads".

Sure, but still you without the "lynx-dev" part you would be able to sort
correctly by thread, so I see no reason to have a lynx-dev part in order
to do so. Probably is part of the legacy, not a requirement of modern
MUAs. In any case get a folder for Lynx, it will improve your reading!

:) There might indeed be other ways to do this -- but will it work with
:) ALL email-readers?

Is this relevant?, I don;t see your point, sorry.


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