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lynx-dev Administrivia

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Administrivia
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 05:38:04 -0400

[ this message sent yesterday didn't make it to the list ]

000506 Bob Izenberg wrote:
>> Philip Webb asked why the `*ns*bscr*be' lines (now 2) have been added.
> In the past, address@hidden lived on a server
> where your faithful moderator held all the keys
> and read all mail addressed to system maintenance accounts.
> I don't see all that mail now e-mail has moved to a new server
> and some of the people reading it will not respond
> or will not respond with useful information.
> People who want to un-subscribe from a list at times get a little frantic
> and e-mail abuse@, postmaster@, president@, sysadmin@, help@ etc.

i understand the basic administrative problem
& remain as always grateful for's support for lynx-dev, but ...

> In order to keep the frustration level down (when I didn't respond
> to somebody's mis-constructed unsubscribe request for a few days last year,
> they e-mailed some of our corporate officers threatening legal action)
> we made the unilateral decision to keep the exit button
> right where everyone can see it if they get a message that annoys them.

... your scenario seems unrealistic & a bit paranoid.

Lynx's Main Help Page (enter `h') has link [6] to `About Lynx-Dev',
which contains very clear instructions how to *ns*bscr*be (i wrote it).
no-one can get s*bscr*bed to lynx-dev in the first place
without confirming that they really want to,
following which they receive a detailed welcome message (i wrote it),
which among other things tells them right up front how to *ns*bscr*be
& advises them to keep the text for future reference.

any ordinary subscriber out there who changes his/her mind,
but cannot remember or can find no other source of information,
would surely write to lynx-dev itself to ask how to *ns*bscr*be:
i have a vague memory of responding to one such inquiry some time ago.

the only people who would act in the way you describe above
would be the kind of thoughtless or brain-challenged bozos
who would equally ignore or misunderstand the lines you have added.
the actual case you describe from last year really reflects internal problems
in your own organisation rather than real-life consumer interaction.

what you have done in response to these rather far-fetched fears is
impose on all the normal, intelligent & otherwise preoccupied s*bscr*bers
the equivalent of a security door in an office suite
which thumps or squeaks loudly every time someone uses it.

does anyone else have opinions?
remember not to use the forbidden word `*ns*bcr*be' ... (wry smile)

SUPPORT     ___________//___,  Philip Webb : address@hidden
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SUPPORT     ___________//___,  Philip Webb : address@hidden
ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|  Centre for Urban & Community Studies
TRANSIT    `-O----------O---'  University of Toronto

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