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lynx-dev Using tables of new URL types in lynx.cfg

From: vtailor
Subject: lynx-dev Using tables of new URL types in lynx.cfg
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 03:26:17 -0400

One interesting use for lynx is to download "streaming-?" files so they
can be viewed after being downloaded.  This avoids the occasional network
interruptions that occur during streaming real-time file viewing and lets
you determine whether your computer system is up to the task of rendering
images and sound in real-time while downloading a streaming file.  (Slower
machines, or machines with slow video cards, may run a streaming video
from the internet using Windows or Real Player software, but they will
lose video frames along the way that would be visible when replaying an
already downloaded file.)

Real Player and Microsoft web sites aren't exactly forthcoming on this
matter, but I believe that rttp:// URLs included inside their .ram files
are just http:// URLs with funny port numbers.  If anyone who reads this
list knows more about the subject, that person is in a position to add
rttp:// capabilities to lynx, preferrably on a table basis in the lynx.cfg
file to forestall any funny stuff by Real Player or Microsoft developers
intent on making lynx not work with their product.

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