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nested lynx.cfg includes (was: lynx-dev Question about 2.8.4dev.1)

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: nested lynx.cfg includes (was: lynx-dev Question about 2.8.4dev.1)
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 14:45:17 +0400 (MSD)

6-May-2000 05:56 Larry W. Virden wrote:
> I'm having problems getting the latest release to read in my lynx.cfg
> files.

> Here's what I am trying to achieve.

> 1. I make one change to the default lynx.cfg - a 
> INCLUDE:/path/to/localized/lynx.cfg

> Question - should this go first or last in the file to have precendence over
> the rest of the lynx.cfg ?

lynxcfg:/ output is the true list of cfg options visible by lynx.
There is no difference in exact order of loaded nested cfg files, only
the order of declarations: if lynxcfg:/ page shows several declarations
of STARTFILE (for example) - only the last one will have an effect.

> 2. In the localized file, I specify
> INCLUDE:~/.lynx.cfg

> What I appear to be seeing is that lynx sees the first INCLUDE - here's
> what it says.  Note that it mentions the INCLUDE - but it doesn't show
> me the changes in that file here.

(see below.)

>                 Lynx.cfg Information (Lynx Version 2.8.4dev.1)

> The following is read from your lynx.cfg file.
> Please read the distribution lynx.cfg for more comments.
> See also [1]compile time options


>     #Your primary configuration [3]/projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx.cfg
> HELPFILE:file://localhost/projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx_help/lynx_help_main.h
> tml
> INCLUDE:[4] /projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx.cfg.cas

>     #<begin   /projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx.cfg.cas>
>     #<end of  /projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx.cfg.cas>

It seems that  /projects/intranet/lib/lynx/lynx.cfg.cas
file doesn't exist and could not be loaded.

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