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lynx-dev vile-9.1g.patch.gz

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev vile-9.1g.patch.gz
Date: Mon, 1 May 100 23:08:43 -0400 (EDT)

vile 9.1g - 2000/5/1 - T.Dickey <address@hidden>

This url may work (it's intermittent).  Looks like ftp is broken on the "new"
machine (and my email still goes to the old).

 20000501 (g)
        > Brendan O'Dea:
        + prefix the "source ~/.vilerc" in vile-pager with "~force" in case
          a user has no such file.
        > Tom Dickey:
        + add macros/shifts.rc, which implements left/right shifting of words
          in the current line to align with the cursor.
        + reset DOT.o after calling deltoeol() in lrepltext().  This fixes a
          problem with setting $line; the reinserted newline would fall after
          the first character of the following line.
        + save/restore window traits, setting DOT to the end of [Trace] when
          writing into it with tprintf().  Otherwise tracing was writing at
          the current location, and the buffer would scroll as data was written.
        + two fixes for vile_op(): correct parameter for no_such_function()
          when processing a macro, and consistently use f_godotplus to handle
          missing or unknown motion parameters in a macro.
        + set/clear reading_msg_line in pressreturn() to avoid autocolor
          repainting the screen just after a shell command.
        + add color-ls.rc, example using improved manfilt.c to display color
          ls output in a buffer.
        + improve decoding of ANSI escape sequences in manfilt.c, including
          parsing of foreground colors.
        + add $xshell-flags variable to allow customising $xshell (request by
          Ian Jamison).
        + remove $(LIBS) from filters/ to fix linking problem on
          Debian.  The alternative is to add $(X_LIBS), which seems unneeded
          for ecrypt.c and manfilt.c, which use only standard C library

Thomas E. Dickey

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