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lynx-dev [PATCH] corrections and additions for release page

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: lynx-dev [PATCH] corrections and additions for release page
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 14:30:47 +0500 (SAMST)

 Here is a patch (that includes my previous notes) to

 Best regards,

--- features.htm-orig   Mon May  1 13:26:17 2000
+++ features.html       Mon May  1 14:04:44 2000
@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@
 <li>add <code>FTP_PASSIVE</code> option to lynx.cfg, allowing installer to 
defer decision of
     whether lynx uses passive ftp connection
-<li>add colored source view for curses, command line option
-    <code>--prettysrc</code>.
+<li>add colored source view (configure with <code>--enable-prettysrc</code>), 
use command line option
+    <code>--prettysrc</code> to activate.
 <li>added text justification, controlled by commandline switch 
@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@
     wrapping in &lt;pre&gt; when <code>-dump</code>'ing and
+<li>text inputs in forms can be made "non-sticky" (controlled by lynx.cfg 
+    <code>TEXTFIELDS_NEED_ACTIVATION</code>) - if enabled, they will accept 
+    input only after activation (by pressing Enter or left-arrow on them). 
 <li>add <code>-short_url</code> option to elide middle of long urls
     that are displayed the status line.
@@ -79,7 +83,7 @@
       necessary but don't create an empty line, an keep list indentation.
   <li>since DIV  is a block element, make sure its contents
-      don not get rendered inline, even for nested DIVs that don't change text
+      do not get rendered inline, even for nested DIVs that don't change text
       alignment.  Try to avoid improperly kept change of DIV styles' alignment 
by a
       &lt;P&gt; or &lt;/P&gt; in its content 
@@ -106,6 +110,11 @@
      <code>--without-charsets</code> is selected, then it will use a 'minimal' 
set.  The
      keyword 'minimal' is recognized as the list us-ascii,iso-8859-1,utf-8
+ <li>if configured with <code>--enable-charset-choice</code>, it's possible to
+     select which charsets are available for selection on the 'O'ptions page 
+     (so you can compile in support for a lot of charsets, but make only few
+     available for selection).
  <li>for confirmation prompts (HTConfirm), also accept English letters 'Y', 
      'N', 'n' as responses.  If characters different from those are derived 
      the first letters of the translation of "yes" and "no" in a localized 
@@ -257,6 +266,10 @@
   cookie files
 <li>enhanced read-progress logic (a compile-time option).
+<li>it's possible to use dashes instead of underscrores in commandline options
+  (e.g. --dont-wrap-per and -dont_wrap_pre mean the same).
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