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RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 23:04:50 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jerome LAURET wrote:

>       So, my opinion on this is : Let's go like everyboddy else i.e. having
> lynx behaving like on any other platform => I personally do not plan to
> re-enable the undocumented feature if the way this group is going is to make
> Lynx uniform accross platform.
(as far as filenames are concerned:) Not much chance of that anyway -
Windows & DOS users want their own peculiar filenames...

>       Understood : but I thought that the colors were supposed to be ON by 
> default.

The default (established by slang in its SLtt_get_terminfo magic) should
depend on the TERM variable (or lynx's -term=... option) and the associated
description.  If VMS-Slang behaves enough like Unix-Slang, that is.

> |Slang documentation says (cslang.txt):
> [...]
>       Ha ha ! Setting
> $ define COLORTERM 1
>       would make it but SLtt_Use_Ansi_Colors would not (even if I use case
> sensitive logicals).

It shouldn't - SLtt_Use_Ansi_Colors is the name of a C variable in the
source (cslang.txt is the "S-Lang Library C Programmer's Guide").

> That's really nice : even Jed has color enabled now with
> that logical defined ... So much for me for not reading the Slang 
> documentation

You should also find COLORTERM mentioned in the lynx help file (mentioned
also under -color).

>       I think I will leave an extra note for VMS users about this and define
> this in my system-wide freeware startup procedure. Thanks a trillion !!!

As long as they all do have color terminals...


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