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Re: lynx-dev Rendering line breaks in tables

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Rendering line breaks in tables
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 22:29:08 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jon Colverson wrote:

> I noticed on one of my pages
> ( in the song
> progression table) that the line breaks inside table cells don't work as
> they do in other browsers. In Lynx the text after line breaks is on the
> next line and on the left instead of under the other text in the cell. As
> far as I know line breaks are allowed inside tables (the page validates as
> HTML4/Strict). Is this a bug in Lynx's table rendering?

Not a bug, rather a case of "not implemented".  Lynx doesn't implement
full table support.  See

   Linkname: Lynx and HTML Tables

(or your local copy of the Lynx Users Guide v2.8.3) for what it does.

You didn't say what version of Lynx you are using.  But it must be 2.8.3
(or one of its developemnt predecessors after 2.8.2), otherwise you
wouldn't see _any_ of the tables in tabular form.

Please see other messages in the lynx-dev archive, including of recent
days, for more discussion about lynx's table capabilities (or lack
thereof).  It's a popular topic, you shouldn't have to look for long...

If you want to accomodate lynx users, to the point that you are
willing to change the markup, you may want to read

    Linkname: TABLEs on non-TABLE Browsers
         URL: [12]

(basically, putting everything in a PRE-formatted section is the
best bet).  That would help users of older versions of lynx, also
for the other tables.


Well, you also could restructure you table so that lynx 2.8.3's TRST
can do something better with it.  I played around with your table
and came up with the following.  Not that I recommend it, just take
it as a demonstration.  (I don't know whether it makes sense structurally
for your table - the contents is a complete mystery to me :) ).

<!-- superfluous spaces left just for better alignment while editing -->
<TABLE SUMMARY="This table gives the order of songs in each mode">
<TR><TD ROWSPAN=2>ARCADE (beginner)</TD><TD>RIE-chan    </TD></TR>
<TR>                                    <TD>        Dino</TD></TR>
<TR><TD ROWSPAN=4>ARCADE (normal)</TD><TD>RIE-chan      </TD><TD>DON MOMMY      
           </TD><TD>KoKo                   </TD></TR>
<TR>                                  <TD>        PRETTY</TD><TD>         SHOLL 
KEE        </TD><TD>    FLOWER             </TD></TR>
<TR>                                  <TD ROWSPAN=2>    </TD><TD>               
   Dino    </TD><TD>          CHARLY       </TD></TR>
<TR>                                                         <TD>               
       BOY*</TD><TD>                PEPPER*</TD></TR>
<TR><TD ROWSPAN=3>ARCADE (excite)</TD><TD>RIE-chan      </TD><TD>DON MOMMY      
             </TD><TD>KoKo                 </TD></TR>
<TR>                                  <TD>        PRETTY</TD><TD>         SHOLL 
KEE          </TD><TD>    Ling Ling        </TD></TR>
<TR>                                  <TD>              </TD><TD>               
   tourmaline</TD><TD>             Jennifer</TD></TR>
<TR><TD>ORIGINAL (normal)</TD><TD>SANAE-chan</TD><TD>BEAR 
<TR><TD>ORIGINAL (another)</TD><TD>SANAE-chan</TD><TD>BEAR 


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