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RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS

From: Jerome LAURET
Subject: RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 22:30:07 -0400

> From: SMTP%"address@hidden" 29-APR-2000 22:13:31.70
> CC:   
> Subj: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS
> On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jerome LAURET wrote:
> >     Now, I don't know why but the "Alert!: Unsupported URL scheme!" problem
> > got back in the distribution whenever one tries to open a local file with a
> > VMS path like Logical:file.html i.e. "$ lynx Logical:file.html" would fail 
> > with
> > the above message. Is this going to be unsuported ? (understandable).
> You say it "got back in" - did it ever disappear since your first report?
> I don't thing there were code changes to make it go away.

        The "got back in" was referring to some Email I got after reporting
this problem saying that it was corrected back into some new release. My memory
is failing there but what I am sure of, is that I never got a chance to debug
Lynx since ... and just got back to it now with all of what I said I would test
(slang, color, etc ...). So, it might very well be that the "got back in" was
out of faith and disconnected from reallity :)  ...

> I think LYCheckForProxyURL should _not_ be changed back to the
> previous behavior.  For example if one mistypes a URL scheme (like

        Agreed. I just wanted to know if it is ever going to be re-supported or
not or if there was any plans to do so. If not, software support I do here
includes warning people of what was working before, and what they have to do
now to get the same functionality. In other words, I wanted to be sure that I
can reliably say "the following scheme will no longer works. Please use the
correct ///Logical/file.html syntax instead" ... and my job is done. What is
not good is to have a feature in, then out, then in again etc ... (users get
confused and my life becomes miserable).

        So let's say : leave it as is  is fine with me.

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