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Re: lynx-dev VMS compilation and Slang

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev VMS compilation and Slang
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 20:49:04 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jerome LAURET wrote:

>       Here is a short report of compilation of the lynx-current developpement
> kit for OpenVMS7.2 Alpha using Compaq C V6.2 (my last posting did not specify
> the environment) using Slang support :
> $ cc LYCurses
>     touchwin(stdscr);
> ....^
> %CC-I-IMPLICITFUNC, In this statement, the identifier "touchwin" is 
> implicitly d
> eclared as a function.
> at line number 1363 in file LYCURSES.C

It looks like the VMS-specific #if in the followign is in the wrong place -
for USE_SLANG, SLsmg_touch_lines() should be used instead of touchwin().
The lynx code should never see "touchwin" if slang is used.  But it
obviously does, in the following:

#if defined(HAVE_WREDRAWLN)
    wredrawln(stdscr, row, 1);
#if defined(VMS) && !defined(_BSD44_CURSES)
    /* touchline() is not available on VMS before version 7.0, and then
     * only on Alpha, since prior ports of curses were broken.
#if defined(FANCY_CURSES)
    touchline(stdscr, row, 1);
#if defined(USE_SLANG)
    SLsmg_touch_lines(row, 1);

> 18a19
> > #include <curses.h>
>       i.e. I have added a "#include <curses.h>" in the #ifdef VMS at line 18.
> The result : too bad ... Initially, I feared that I did not have any colors 
> but then, I discovered that the color are in if I use I force it with the 
> -color option. The reason being that my DECterm window has been set
> with a "grey" background color. So, in short : VMS Lynx + Slang = color works
> fine at last ... Success !!!

It seems you have effectively built a VMS Lynx + Slang + curses executable...
I don't understand how that is even possible, but if it works that could
be only by accident...  (maybe as long as LYtouchline() doesn't actually
get called).


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