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lynx-dev Administrivia: Lynx-Dev takes a snooze

From: Bob Izenberg
Subject: lynx-dev Administrivia: Lynx-Dev takes a snooze
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:36:39 -0500

        The week of May 1st will see a few changes here at Verio
(which bought Signet,) the Lynx-Dev list's home for the past
few years.  The one that affects Lynx-Dev readers is the
list's moving from a single server here in Austin, TX to a
larger cluster of servers in Dallas.  This will mean a few
hours, currently planned for the night of May 3rd, where
e-mail is unavailable.  Some of you may receive messages
back from your service providers that mail is being
temporarily delayed.  Unless things go wrong in a way that
they haven't gone wrong in the thirty or so mail upgrades
that have already been done, the list should be back in
circulation by morning.  However, it will be on a new
server, and I'll be building the list with myself as the
sole subscriber at first.  A word to the wise would be, save
any critical postings until I send word to the list.
        I'm going to be locked in the mail admin's equivalent of a
surveillance van, with fellow propellorheads from Lucent and
Netscape for a few days with not enough sleep, so we'll be
dealing with the big brush fires first.  Keep a list of
minor and major list nits, and we'll sort them out after I
send out the "all clear" annoucement to the list.
        Thanks for your continued list participation.

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