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Re: lynx-dev add bookmarks problem

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev add bookmarks problem
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 06:25:19 -0700

(Don't mind the "pAb-032871" bit.  It's just a trick to sort automated
junk-mailers from people.  My name is Patrick.)

Hmm, I should warn you first: this advice might be totally useless to you.
I'm using MacLynx under the MacOS, but I did have some trouble with
bookmarks at first.

Is the statusline alert; "Unable to access file!", or; "Unable to write to

Two notes:
A)-I'm assuming lynx.cfg is kept in the same directory as the Lynx executable.
B)-I'm also assuming bookmarks are kept in the same place.

In lynx.cfg, you'll see;
Note that no file-PATH is specified, just the file-name.  Try using only
the name; "lynx_bookmarks.html" in your O)ptions settings instead of

If that one fails, you can try a full URL, like;

I don't know if the tilde shortcut -- signifying the Lynx folder or default
login directory -- works on PC either.  Probably does though.

By the way, when I tried putting my bookmark files in a subdirectory, and
referencing them as "DEFAULT_BOOKMARK_FILE:bmarx/lynx_bookmarks.html" [and
all other permutations on filepath syntax], MacLynx couldn't find these
files.  You might not be able to put your bookmarks in a subdirectory

Anyway, that seems to work at this end.  Hope it does for you too.

          These suggestions are given in the hope that they will
          be useful, but with NO WARRANTY or guarantee of fitness
          for any purpose whatsoever. . .  [etc.  ;-)  ]


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