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Re: lynx-dev DTDs

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev DTDs
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 08:29:21 +0100 (BST)

> New to HTML 4.0 compared to HTML 3.x

Lynx uses 3.0, the W3C one, not 3.2, the reverse engineering of the
big 2.  3.0 doesn't have tables, and does have TAB.

>         BUTTON - Button 

Lynx implements this correctly, IE4 is broken.

>         FRAME - Frame 
>         FRAMESET - Frameset 

These were documented in HTML 4.0 Transitional, just to reflect the
real world, and immediately taken away in the strict version.  They
are not in XHTML.  (Unfortunately the narrative doesn't label them 
as deprecated, but it is fairly clear that they are from discussion
about XHTML on the www-html mailing list.  There is not target
attribute, either.

>         OBJECT - Object 

This is gone in the latest XHTML drafts (inconsistently implemented and
too many parameters).

>         TBODY - Table body 
>         TFOOT - Table foot 
>         THEAD - Table head 

These and COL and COLGROUP are poorly implemented, if at all in 
commercial browsers.  IE5 knows about THEAD, at least, but has a 
non-conforming default style sheet, because users complained about
strange behaviour when they used a conforming one.  To get correct
behaviour, you must use an explicit style sheet.

HTML 4.0[1] is a mix of after the fact documentation, which generally
reflects the commercial browsers, and W3C good intention, which is often
poorly implemented, if at all.

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