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lynx-dev Notes on compiling the latest lynx with MingW32

From: vtailor
Subject: lynx-dev Notes on compiling the latest lynx with MingW32
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:38:43 -0400

Note to lynx.exe Windows developers:

The following comments refer to the latest April 17 lynx code release
and the MingW32 gnu gcc compiler.  (I am sending this from a U. S.
blat version of LYMail.c already posted.)

If you use the Windows "QuickView" utility, you will see immediately
that crtdll.dll, which is thread-safe, has a version of perror.  My
recollection is that cygwin.dll also has perror.  Is it necessary to
add a customized lynx version of perror to the LYUtils.c code?

In LYUtils.c:

PUBLIC char * w32_strerror(DWORD ercode)
/*  __declspec(thread) necessary if you will use multiple threads */
#if defined( __CYGWIN__ ) || defined( __MINGW32__ )
    static char msg_buff[256];
    __declspec(thread) static char msg_buff[256];


If you use the latest compiled version of pdcurses, you get the following
linker errors:

C:\tools\gnu\lynx\src>gcc -o lynx *.o -L..\WWW\Library\Implementation -lwww -lpd
curses -lpanel -lwsock32 -luser32
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(initscr.o)(.text+0x187):initscr.c: undefined refe
rence to `_imp___iob'
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(initscr.o)(.text+0x1e5):initscr.c: undefined refe
rence to `_imp___iob'
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(initscr.o)(.text+0x22a):initscr.c: undefined refe
rence to `_imp___iob'
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(initscr.o)(.text+0x31c):initscr.c: undefined refe
rence to `_imp___iob'
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(pdcscrn.o)(.text+0x2bd):pdcscrn.c: undefined refe
rence to `_imp___iob'
C:\tools\gnu\lib/libpdcurses.a(pdckbd.o)(.text+0x3b):pdckbd.c: more undefined re
ferences to `_imp___iob' follow

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