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lynx-dev (for Win32) released

From: Hiroyuki Senshu
Subject: lynx-dev (for Win32) released
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 08:56:12 +0900

Hello, lynx-dev.

LYNX for Win32 (lynx2.8.3pre.3) was renewed.

It is being introduced to the public with the following URL.
Try it, please.

I hope for the change of the following reference URL.

|  A release of Lynx 2.8.2pre6 is available from:
| This
|  version differs from the development source for 2.8.2, but compiles on
|  several Win32 compilers. The patches were done by Senshu Hiroyuki;
|  they are integrated into the development version of Lynx. Hiroyoki has
|  a newer build here:

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