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Re: lynx-dev Compile error on i686/linux RH 6.2

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Compile error on i686/linux RH 6.2
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 100 12:26:59 -0400 (EDT)

> Surely a better fix yould be for lync to #undef ERR in appropiate places. 
> This  
> is not an error if ERR is not defined and clobeers it if it is. To quote from 
> page 523 of the POSIX programmers guide "applications should not declare any  
> symbols that begin whit an E followed by an uppcase letter or digit". 

ERR is defined by all curses.h headers that I recall -
(it's part of the interface).

(They may also define 'OK').

Miscellaneous Library Functions                        curses(3X)

     Routines that return an integer return ERR upon failure  and
     an  integer value other than ERR upon successful completion,
     unless otherwise noted in the routine descriptions.

> Duncan (-: 

Thomas E. Dickey

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