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lynx-dev Re: A question about Lynx

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev Re: A question about Lynx
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 17:16:55 -0400

-- Notes re: maintenance of the infrastructure sites:

- the breakout of the development version doesn't seem to be there.  I
could find no link path from to the Faq-O-Matic until I
went all the way 'round to Lynx Links.  No up-to-date Help online that I

- the EXTERNAL strategy for big downloads doesn't seem to be covered in the
Faq-O-Matic.  Is it in the User's Guide by now?


-- just sent to "JINESH.L.SANGHAVI" <address@hidden> and lynx-dev:

At 01:45 PM 1998-12-29 -0500, JINESH.L.SANGHAVI wrote:
>I am a user of Lynx Version 2.8.1rel.2 and I wanted to know if
>Lynx supports background downloading i.e. if I want to 
>download a big file say 6MB file than I have to wait fro atleat 5-6
>mins for it to download and then only I can save it. So is there any 
>way with which I can inform Lynx to download in background
>so that I can surf the net or do anything else on Unix.
>Also one more thing if I want to download an mp3 file of say 
>4MB but i just want to get 2 MB of it and if I press 'z' it stops
>and I cant save 2MB that has been downloaded. So what can I do about this

The ususal recommendation, as I understand it, is to employ another program
such as Wget or HTGET to do the batch gets in the background, and to
install them as EXTERNAL commands using the external facility which you
will have to read up on, I am not explaining it here.  This lets you, when
the focus is on a link to a large file, use the external invocation
mechanism to pass the URL for the big GET to the external tool and return
to browsing.

I don't know the FAQ on fractional downloads other than some external FTP
programs let you resume from where the download broke and complete it later.

I am copying address@hidden  Please ask follow-up questions there.


>Please reply 
>thanking you.

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