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Re: lynx-dev reordered Options

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev reordered Options
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 11:08:31 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Henry Nelson wrote:

> Better here than under "Keyboard Input".


> > >   Editor                           : 
> > > __________________________________________
> Blank line is too long?  (Same question for others below.)

They try to go as close to the right window border as possible.
Except for two fields under "Headers transferred", probably by
mistake.  It looks ugly, esp. if you use >80 cols windows.
OTOH, the longer the filed, the more you can type without scrolling,
so functionally the longer the better.  So I'm not changing that

> Editor might be better placed under "General Preferences", perhaps
> before "Searching type".

Ok, will do.

> > >   Messages Locale (!)              : 
> > > __________________________________________
> What does one fill in here?  What happens if the locale is not available?

That' won't be there, pretend you have never seen it.

> > >   X Display (!)                    : 
> > > __________________________________________
> I'm not an X user, but shouldn't this go under "Document Appearance?"

No, not there.  If there were a seperate "external applications" section,
that's where it might go.  (There isn't, we don't have the Options to
fills such a section, but there should be one in the lynx.cfg headings.)

> > >   Document Appearance
> Do reduce this header to only "Appearance."  Keep "Document" unless

(Correction - "NOT" - noted.)

> something better is thought of.  Maybe: "Screen," "Rendered," "Display."
> > >   Show color                       : [ON....]
> I know this is beyond the scope of your present changes, but who
> knows when or if I'll get around to mentioning this again.  I don't
> care much for the ALWAYS/NEVER.

I invented that (for the key-based options menu) a long time ago, and
later tried to make it behave reasonably in the forms-based menu, so
I'm the person to complain to...

> It should be simply ON/OFF (or better,
> the checkbox I mentioned yesterday).  *NO* permanent changes should
> ever occur in an anonymous account.  

And they don't, and in an anonymous account there won't be any ALWAYS/
NEVER.  If you find anything different, I consider that a bug.
But you have to use code from or after:
1999-11-30 (2.8.3dev.16)
* corrected problems with "show color" in forms Options page.  Omit "ON" choice
  if color is not possible (but saving allowed).  When option_save restriction
  was in effect, the ON/OFF initialisation was wrong (resulting in unwanted
  toggling of color each time options were changed in an anonymous account) -KW
* tweaks of reload_read_cfg() for retaining "show color" setting and for
  updating display_lines (user_mode may have changed) -KW

> That means that the SAVE button
> I suggested a couple of days ago, the present checkbox for saving,
> should not even be offered to anonymous users.  

It isn't.  (but I admit not checking the latest and greatest code -
if you find differently in the current code, it's a bug.)

> Why the mumbo-jumbo
> about "start-up behavior" needs to be controlled here, ... well, I
> better pick that bone another time.

(Not sure what you are referring to anyway.)


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