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Re: lynx-dev ^g is a menace

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev ^g is a menace
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:21:09 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Philip Webb wrote:
> 000227-8 Klaus Weide & Philip Webb discussed:
> PW> the editor i use employs  ^g  for `goto line # '
> PW> & when editing a file for e-mailing via the print screen
> PW> it is all-so-easy suddenly to find one's Lynx session in the garbage.
> PW> i'm using dev.14 compiled with (ordinary) curses on IRIX 5.3 .
> KW> does this happen always when you press  ^g
> KW> or only in some situation after invoking the 'P'rint menu?
> only after invoking Most or my editor from the Print screen
> or my editor from the  g  e-mail screen
> or after Mutt (from the Print screen) invokes my editor;
> not from the Print screen itself or a normal Lynx screen;

Ok, so obviously invoking those external programs has some
lasting effect that it shouldn't have.

It could be (a) lynx's fault, (b) curses's fault, (c) the external
programs' fault, or some combination.

What happens if you set your "editor" to smoething simple like
cat, and then try to 'edit' a file (in a new lynx session)?

> if i enter  ^g  after starting Mutt from the Print screen,
> but before Mutt calls the editor, the print request is cancelled.

I don't know what to make of this, but it seems to be a matter between
mutt and the editor - so let's leave this case aside for now.

> it makes no difference in/outside Screen.

> KW> do you have a  ~/.lynx-keymaps  with something weird in it?
> no such file (might Lynx look for one the sysadmin might have somewhere?).
No, lynx looks for it only in the HOME directory.
> KW> Let's try to find out what it is while Lynx is in curses mode.
> KW> Assuming you compiled with lynxcgi support, use this little script:
> KW> you may have to set up TRUSTED_LYNXCGI accordingly.
> --- snip ---
> #! /bin/sh
> echo "Content-type: text/plain"
> echo ""
> echo -n "stdin: "; tty
> stty -a </dev/tty
> --- snip ---
> sorry: what exactly do you want me to do with it? 

  mkdir ~/lynxcgi
Save the snippet as ~/lynxcgi/showtty.cgi.
  chmod u+x ~/lynxcgi/showtty.cgi  # make it executable
Have a lynx compiled with lynxcgi support.
Check TRUSTED_LYNXCGI in lynx.cfg, enable if necessary.
Access <lynxcgi:/usr/lib/cgi-bin/showtty.cgi> with lynx.  Compare output
between the normal state (before calling any editor etc.) and the
lynx-aborts-on-^g state.


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