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Re: lynx-dev how to use proxy?

From: Alexei Anatski
Subject: Re: lynx-dev how to use proxy?
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:37:23 +0300


> Here,we access the internet via a proxy(runing MS proxy and need password)
on the LAN.
> According to the helpfile come with lynx,I set the httpproxy to it.
> But when i try to browse the web,lynx always received a message (form
> that <invalid herder:proxy-authenticate:NTLM>,then a blank screen..

Unfortunately there is no way you can fix it on Lynx side.
NTLM is MS proprietary authentication algorithm only supported by Internet
Explorer v.3+. You will run into same problem using Netscape or Opera or
whatever else.
You can ask your administrator to enable clear-text (standard)
authentication on MS Proxy. Second option is to install Winsock proxy dll on
your machine (it's part of MS Proxy package). Ask your admin or read MS
Proxy manual.

Good luck.

---- Alexei Anatski <address@hidden>

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